Boston Navy Shipyard: USS Constitution

Wyatt  Reader M.A.'s picture

During 1968, as remembered, a couple of us 'new' to the US Navy Staff and Govt., were given a travel chance to visit the oldest Navy Shipyard in these United States as part of our training and background.

A week or so in New England, led not only to seeing the oldest Navy shipyard, dating to Colonial times, at Boston Port, but time  to visit the oldest commissioned US Navy Warship; dockside and now/then open to the public as a Museum, the USS Constitution, depicted in model format as a souvenir,,serves to show how the US Navy began  and was known over 200 years ago to that generation.

Walking about it, below deck, was also something of a surprise. Possibly, men of that time were shorter in average height than presently; it being necessary to bend over while below deck, walking around. For taller, 6 foot or more, it must have been something of a problem ?

Here is a model of The Constitution[1968] and a replica, in small size, of then type naval cannons carried by The Constitution.