The Art of the Review - Episode 32 Revelry

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In this episode, The Art of the Review takes a field trip to Sanford, Florida to attend Revelry, a poetry event organized by Dr. Stephen Caldwell Wright to honor the life and legacy of poet Gwendolyn Brooks. Robert speaks to Dr. Wright about the review process that goes into judging poetry submissions for Revelry. Anyone who has had experiences with MFA programs will have a sense of the difficulties of evaluating someone's personal creative expression. Dr. Wright provides some valuable insights in how to serve as a reviewer in such a position.

Revelry takes place on the first Saturday in June, and 2017 will be the 30th anniversary of the event. To learn more about Revelry, listeners can contact Dr. Stephen Caldwell Wright by telephone at 407-323-7184. More information is available on the website of the Gwendoly Brooks Writers Association of Florida.