The Art of the Review - Episode 29 Reviewing Games

Yelena Kalinsky Contribution
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In this episode, Robert speaks with Ron Weaver, a game programmer and designer and the Technical Design Director at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy at the University of Central Florida, about game reviewing and specifically reviews of the game That Dragon Cancer. Ron talks about the difficulty of classifying games, different forms of game reviewing, and the kinds of experiences that games are meant to produce.

Some things mentioned in the episode:

That Dragon Cancer the game

Two podcast episodes about That Dragon Cancer, both called The Cathedral: full story from Reply All and excerpted in Radiolab

Wired article on That Dragon Cancer

Games You Can't Win - A short documentary about the creators of That Dragon Cancer and other game developers who have made personal, autobiographical games

Metacritic score for That Dragon Cancer

We also mention a previous episode of The Art of the Review on Film Festivals.


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