The Art of the Review - Episode 28 Matthew Friedman Talks Academic Podcasting

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This week, The Art of the Review takes a hiatus from reviewing to feature instead a conversation with historian Matthew Friedman, lecturer of history at Rutgers-Newark and producer of the No Sounds Are Forbidden, about his new show, the state of academic podcasting, and tips for listeners who may be thinking about producing a podcast of their own. We welcome listener feedback at The Art of the Review Show Notes Blog and on H-Podcast. Please subscribe to the network to post a reply, start a discussion, or ask a question to fellow podcasters and podcast enthusiasts.

I want to thank Matt for taking time out of his end-of-semester grading to record the interview and an extra special thanks to Matt and H-Net's new podcasting intern Jessica Kukla for helping me with the editing this week.

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The Art of the Review is produced by Robert Cassanello and Yelena Kalinsky, and sponsored by H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online and the University of Central Florida's Center for Humanities & Digital Research. This episode features music by Ketsa. Additional editing help by Matthew Friedman and Jessica Kukla.