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Archives Portal Europe supports archival research for historical research projects with grants up to 500 EUR to assist scholars (with a special focus on early career researcher, but not exclusively) with research in archives that are APE content providers, that is, listed in the Directory of Archives Portal Europe:

The awardees will also enjoy in-kind support in their research from APE and its network, for up to 20 hours in total during the solar year of the grant, with support on archival research, drafting of an academic paper, and/or other kind of help needed by the awardees for their research.

The grant assists with travel, accommodation expenses, and working hours incurred in the undertaking of research into any aspect of history, with preference for:

  • Comparative research (e.g., women lives in rural villages in the 16th century in Sweden, Malta, and Portugal)
  • International research (e.g., the correspondence of the nobility across Europe during the Napoleonic wars)
  • Research where archival collections from archives in different countries is used and compared (e.g., the revolutions of 1848 as narrated in archival collections from Hungary, Denmark, and France)
  • Research where archival collections are used to show new points of view (e.g., the unification of Italy and Germany analysed through Spanish archives)


There are two deadlines for this grant: 15th March 2023 and 30th June 2023

Each successful application will award 500 EUR

In order to apply:

- Fill in the application form at this link:

- Send a copy of your academic CV (in English), completed with publication list, at


Upon being awarded the prize, the recipients of the grant will be immediately reimbursed for their archival trip(s) upon completing it/them, as long as they take place no later than July 2023 (for the March deadline) or November 2023 (for the June deadline).

The remaining amount of the grant will be paid upon submission of the required outputs on part of the grant recipient:

  1. A draft copy of an academic paper (or book chapter) based on the archival research conducted, to be submitted within 6 months from the completion of the archival trip(s)
  2. A short blog post (800/1000 words) describing the research projects and the documents analysed for it, including preliminary results, to be submitted within 2 months from the completion of the archival trip(s)

Please note that Archives Portal Europe should be mentioned on all drafts and working copies of the papers, as well as in the acknowledgment section of any journal submission undertaken by the grant recipients or their colleagues.

Please note that grants recipients will be asked to act as volunteers for Archives Portal Europe (APEF ambassadors) for the period in which they are working on the research proposal, with a light commitment. Tasks will include help in communication, help in research, and other activities decided together with the awardee. You can read more about the ambassadors scheme here:

For more information please contact us at