About this Network


Welcome to H-PCAACA, a member of the H-NET Humanities Online initiative. H-PCAACA encourages scholarly contributions and discussion about popular/American and world cultures. This network, affiliated with The Popular Culture Association and American Culture Association, is an invitation for scholars and graduate students to join the activities of these internationally recognized organizations.


These rules are based on experience and should serve us well over time. In a few months or so, we will reconsider and reformulate based on experience. Respond with suggestions, complaints, if you have them.

1. General and obvious items.

Conversation in the digital realm presents rhetorical challenges. Here are some simple prohibitions for H-PCAACA subscribers.

  • No ad hominem arguments
  • No bullying or aggressively derogatory messages
  • No silliness, although wit is welcomed
  • No attacks on the Moderators, the organization, etc.

2. Alternative Fora

Items related to the Popular Culture Association and the American Culture Association receive top priority on H-PCAACA.

Anyone unhappy with the restraints of H-PCAACA is welcome to use the other networks on H-NET or the hundreds of un-moderated forums on the Information Highway. There is a lot of cyberspace out there. And plenty of flamewars!

We study popular materials, but we need not emulate the negative tone of some of our materials. Please think of H-PCAACA as a cocktail party at one of our national meetings. Keep it Friendly and Keep it Professional!

Everyone has heard of "flaming"--the information highway equivalent of the behavior of a mild-mannered person who becomes a menace when empowered by an automobile and surrounded by other drivers. The apparent anonymity of the information highway can lead to two big problems:

--slash and burn communications such as below:

"Professor Jones is so ignorant that he has not heard of John Cawelti, a person who has written some of the basic books in our field. Nevertheless, I will take the time to explain some of the more obvious points..."

This writer is showing off and polluting the network for others. This kind of message drives off people and creates tension on the bulletin board. Talk to us as a friend, a colleague!

--unintended injury, such as that below:

"You film people only study that kind of popular culture because you are too lazy to read."

This writer probably is joking, but the joke does not work because, as in public speaking, rhetorical irony often comes across as a simple negative statement. Watch out for this problem.

We Moderators have seen how these kinds of communications have hurt other networks. We will defend ours from them.

We're glad to have you with us in the H-PCAACA network. Please send us your queries and comments concerning popular culture and feel free to tell us what you think of the network.