About H-Grad

What is H-Grad?

  • H-Grad is H-Net's network for graduate students in humanities-based professions.

What is H-Grad's purpose?

  • H-Grad is a centralized digital place for individuals to find information on how to survive and succeed in graduate school. While some of H-Grad's content is specific to humanities-based programs, much of the content is applicable to students in fields outside of the humanities.

What kind of information will I find on H-Grad?

  • H-Grad is divided into two parts. First, under the "Resources Tab" is an ever-growing colleciton of links, information, and reviews on a variety of topics specific to being a graduate student. This includes, but is not limited to, the topics of Digital Humanities (on topics like software programs and apps), Writing, and Teaching. The second section, called "Discussions", is a constant list of conference, grant, publishing, and other opportunitites specifically for graduate students.

​Who can view information on H-Grad?

  • Anyone can view the content posted on H-Grad, however only subscribers can post comments or "discussions".

Who can subscribe to H-Grad? Why should I subscribe to H-Grad? How do I subscribe to H-Grad?

  • Anyone who has an H-Net Commons account can subscribe to H-Grad. Subscribing means that you can participate in the creation and sharing of information on the network. Only subscribers can post comments or "discussions" on H-Grad. Subscribing also allows you the option to be notified of when new content is available and the ability to view other subscriber's H-Net Commons Profiles.
  • To subscribe to H-Grad, click the black "Subscribe to this Network" button on H-Grad's home page. If you do not have an H-Net Commons account yet, you will be required to create one first. We greatly encourage you to fill out your H-Net Commons Profile so that other subscribers can network with you.

​How can I share my comments or an upcoming opportunity with H-Grad subscribers?

  • To comment on any Discussion or Blog Post, you can "Post a Reply" in the box at the bottom of the post. You can also always e-mail the editors, look for the "E-mail the H-Grad Editors" link on the right side of every page. 
  • To share a Discussion post/Announcement, click the orange "Start a Discussion" button at the top of the H-Grad Home Page or e-mail the editors to have them post the content for you.
  • Note: the H-Grad editors moderate all posts and comments and reserve the right to ask for edits or reject material that violates the norms of civility and professional courtesy that all H-Net networks abide by. Anonymous posts are also not allowed. E-mail the editors if you would like to share a comment privately.

​How can I become more involved with H-Grad?

  1. ​Join the discussion! Submit an upcoming opportunity via a discussion post or comment on any discussion or blog post.
  2. Help us build our "Resources Tab"! You could write a guest blog post, write a review of a book or digital tool, or suggest links or other resources that you have found useful (or not useful) for your time as a graduate student. Or share your ideas for other things H-Grad can do to benefit its subscribers and all the graduate students out there. Post a comment or e-mail the editors directly.
  3. Become an H-Grad Editor! H-Grad is monitored by a small number of volunteer editors and we can almost always use more help. E-mail the editors if you are interested, or mark in your H-Net Commons profile that you are "interested in becoming a network editor" or any of the other options provided.
  4. Help us spread the word about H-Grad! Post links to H-Grad on your website or blog, talk to your friends and colleagues about us, share links on Twitter or other social media platforms . . . and don't forget to follow us on Twitter!

For more information on H-Grad, H-Net, and copyright issues, see below.​

I. The H-Grad Network: Scope, Content, Purpose

H-Grad operates under the banner of the H-Net family of online discussion groups. Its mission is to provide an open environment for the exchange of ideas and opportunities that affect or could specifically benefit graduate students in the humanities. Relevant topics include, but are not limited to, teaching, time and financial management, writing, research concerns, comprehensive exams, software and other digital tools, choosing an advisor and navigating departmental relationships, and job-seeking. H-Grad also posts calls for papers, conferences, grants, fellowhsips, and other opportunities that are specific to graduate students. Editors monitor all posts to the network in regards to tone, style, and relevance to the network's mission.

H-Grad is meant to be a centralized, digital collection of resources, opinions, and experiences for graduate students and about the graduate student experience. Hopefully, it will be a place that encourages and provides space for lively and professional discussion on the ins and outs of the graduate school experience and can help ease the all too common sense of loneliness that graduate school can cause.

II. Editors.

H-Grad is edited by field experts approved by the network board and certified by H-Net’s Executive Council.  The editors serve two-year renewable terms and share the editorship duties as they believe best fits each editor's interest(s) and skills. Editors are listed in the Network Staff List linked from the network’s front page. Editors must maintain completed H-Net Commons profiles. Tasks of editors include at minimum: approving new subscriptions, managing discussion posts, managing all comments, handling routine inquiries and other suggestions, and maintaining good communicaiton with the H-Net home office. Anyone with suggestions about what H-Grad can and might do, or with interest in become an editor, can contact the current editorial team via e-mail.

III. Communicating Through the Network.

A. Copyright notice. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. H-Net considers all messages posted to its forums to be a form of publication. Unless otherwise arranged with H-Net, all contributions to H-Grad are subject to H-Net’s Terms of Use and its policies concerning copyright and intellectual property, Art. III, Sec. 3.01-3.08 of the H-Net Council Policies. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of H-Net's terms of use. Users of the site verify that they are authorized by copyright holders to submit content to H-Net for publication according to those terms of use, including the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License linked here. Unless otherwise indicated, reviews commissioned by H-Net and published under its imprint are subject to a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

A full copy of the H-Net Council Policies and Bylaws and other important information may be found at: http://www.h-net.org/about/.

B. Contributions: 

-- ALL CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE NETWORK MUST BE SIGNED. If your profile on the H-Net Commons is not filled out with a valid name and affiliation, the editors will delay posting until authorship and email address are confirmed.

-- CONTENT: Editors retain the right to review material for its pertinence, tone, style, and relevance to the network's mission. Ad hominems, unattributed quotations or innuendo, private messages forwarded for posting without permission, or messages that violate the norms of civility and professional courtesy will be rejected. Persistent violators can be removed as subscribers to the network.  H-Net permanently archives its content on the H-Net Commons.  Do not submit material that you consider to be of a private nature or that you would not want available to future readers.

-- FORMAT: While you can submit your posts to the Commons using various fonts, styles and formatting these may be edited by the editor for uniformity and readability.

IV. Technical Information.

When you subscribe to the Commons, H-Net will send you a confirmation message containing important information about managing your subscription. For online help with your subscription see the H-Net Help Desk, especially the “Quick Start Guide”. These guides will help you modify your notifications, unsubscribe from the network, change the e-mail address associated with your profile, and use your “My H-Net” page effectively. If you still have questions after reading the guides please email help@mail.h-net.msu.edu

V. The H-Grad Network Site

The H-Grad network site contains the following required information and services:

- The archives of the H-Grad network discussions and other uploaded content

- The network's official documents: its about page, lists of board members and editors, contact information, and other founding and information documents.

- Hypertext links to resources in our subject: teaching materials, research archives, other networks.

VI. Advisory Board.

H-Grad's daily activities are managed by the editors. Its long-term policies are developed by the advisory board. The advisory board is comprised of past H-Grad editors. Board members help retian institutional memory and advise current editors on H-Grad/H-Net policies and any conflicts that arise between editors, subscribers, and/or the H-Net staff. Board members may also contribute content to H-Grad as they see fit. Subscribers may contact any advisory board members with concerns about H-Grad. For a list of the current advisory board, visit: http://networks.h-net.org/node/11634/staffpage

VII. Our Parent Organization: H-Net

H-Net is an international interdisciplinary organization of scholars and teachers dedicated to developing the enormous educational potential of the Internet and the World Wide Web. Our edited networks publish peer reviewed essays, multimedia materials, and discussions for colelagues and the interested public. The computing heart and main office of H-Net resides at the History Department at Michigan State University, but H-Net officers, editors, and subscribers come from all over the globe.  

For more information about H-net and all the services it provides, visit: About H-Net.




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