About H-Asia/subscription requirements

H-Asia is a network primarily for scholars and teachers in Asian studies. While anyone can access and read H-ASIA materials via the website, subscription is limited to graduate students, academics, researchers, and others with a specialist interest in Asian studies.

The current editorial team (as of November 2018) consists of:  Ryan Dunch, University of Alberta; Monika Lehner, University of Vienna; Aaron Mulvany, Habib University, and Joe Thomas Karrackattu, ITT Madras. The book review editors are Sumit Guha, University of Texas at Austin, Frank Dhont, University of Brunei Darussalam, and Bradley Camp Davis, Eastern Connecticut State University. Ming-te Pan (SUNY Oswego) continues his valuable work behind the scenes as subscription manager.

Going back to its founding in 1994, H-Asia has always required would-be subscribers to return a short survey form outlining their academic background, contact information, and areas of interest within Asian studies (for those who are interested, the old survey is here).

We will no longer require the subscription survey in the Commons. Instead, we ask all subscribers to complete your profile on the Commons. This profile is what will identify you to other readers in the Commons environment.

Without a completed profile you will be able to sign up to receive notifications of new discussions at H-Asia temporarily, but in order to have your subscription confirmed and to post to the network you will need a completed profile. 

We ask that your profile include some basic information about you: name, current position[s] (“independent scholar” and a location is acceptable), and preferably degrees and areas of interest within Asian Studies. Completion of other sections (e.g. Websites, Bio, Publications) is encouraged but not required.

Please note that H-Asia does not accept institutional subscriptions.

The H-ASIA editors


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