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Who's Working on What Biographies for the Project These Days?

KY Woman Suffrage

It's worth pausing for a few minutes to talk about what's in the works these days - there's so much happening with the Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project! The hard work of getting to know who the historical women were and how they contributed to the movement - especially when so many of them chose to keep their names out of the local press - needs some support here today.

H-History on TV: Kentucky Pioneers

For those who may find it of some interest, TV's History Channel presented an early story of the American pioneer experience in settling Kentucky and the Continent last evening. Called the Frontiersmen, it attempted to tell the story of Boone's founding of Boonesboro within larger context of the American Revolution and his encounters with Shawnee Indians.

Three Generation of Women in My Family

The three women in my family whom I have chosen to profile as part of this project series are my maternal grandmother, my mother, and myself. All three have a different story to tell , but each stands on the shoulders of the one who came before them.  I am focusing upon the educational opportunities and career choices that each made and the goals they pursued. The two most distinguishing things in my family are education and faith. Several generations of women in my family have pursued education and given back to their communities.

Re: Dr. Mary Walker at Work On the Field

Ok, here's my attempt to link a few pertinent files. Walker claimed to hold the rank of first lieutenant on both the 1916 MoH roll/pension reply I mentioned earlier, as well as least one other official pension application in 1912 (which was rejected). That is problematic, since she knew very well that she did not hold that rank-- she asked for a retroactive brevet/commission at the war's conclusion, and the reply from the War Dept. was an unequivocal rejection.

Re: Anderson County suffragists take on county clerk to assert their right to vote and run for office in school elections

This message received via email and posted here on Mr. Kerfoot's behalf:

I am the great grandson of Wallace Moore Bartlett, who was the granddaughter of Judge Wm. H. McBrayer who, with his second wife Henrietta Davies, raised her after her mother died. She in turn helped raise my father, Bartlett Kerfoot after his mother, (her daughter), passed when he was nine. You had said in: "Anderson County suffragists take on county clerk to assert their right to vote and run for office in school elections" that you were interested in any more information about her. I know a little.