30th Convention Kentucky Equal Rights Association - Program

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50W29: "Thirtieth Convention of the Kentucky Equal Rights Association" Program, box 1, folder 3 of the Mary Shelby Wilson Woman's Democratic Club papers, 1910-1950, bulk 1920-1932 (bulk dates), University of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center.

*** Summarized/Abridged Version ***

Thirtieth Convention of the Kentucky Equal Rights Association


President: Mrs. Desha [Madeline McDowell] Breckinridge, Lexington.
First Vice President: Mrs. John G. [Christine Bradley] South, Frankfort.
Second Vice President: Mrs. Samuel T. [Margaret Weissinger] Castleman, Louisville.
Third Vice President: Mrs. James A. [Caroline Apperson] Leech, Louisville.
Cor. Secretary: Mrs. Herbert [Jennie Angell] Mengel, Louisville.
Rec. Secretary: Mrs. Charles [Jessie Edith Riddell] Firth, Covington.
Treasurer: Mrs. Jacob B. [Rebecca R.] Judah, Louisville.
Member Campaign Committee: Mrs. Henry [Eleanor Marion Hume] Offutt, Frankfort.
State Member National Executive Council: Mrs. Edmund M. [Josephone Fowler] Post, Paducah.
Auditor: Mrs. Joseph [Ailsie Riley] Alderson, Middlesboro.
Advisory Board: Mrs. Thomas Jefferson [Elise Bennett] Smith, Louisville. Mrs. James [Sarah Clay] Bennett, Richmond. Mrs. John B. [Alice Barbee] Castleman, Louisville. Mrs. S.M. [Sallie McConnell] Hubbard, Hickman.

Lexington and Frankfort, KY. January 5th, 6th and 7th, 1920.

Monday evening, January 5, 1920
Pre-Convention Meeting of Board of Kentucky Equal Rights Association

Tuesday morning, January 6, 1920
Members of the Board, delegates and alternatives take the interurban at 9:10 for Frankfort; Franklin County ERA (Ada May Cromwell, president, and Mrs. James Darnell, chair of lunch committee) hosts buffet luncheon at Y.M.C.A. at 11:00; adjourn to the Capitol to see the opening of the Legislature.

Tuesday evening, January 6, 1920
Ball Room, Phoenix Hotel, 8:00 p.m.
Governor Edwin P. Morrow, "Woman Suffrage and the Republican Party" - introduction by Judge Charles Kerr; Judge C.S. Nunn and Senator Charles M. Harriss, "Woman Suffrage and the Democratic Party" - introductions by Senator Thomas A. Combs; Mrs. Charles L. Tiffany, "The Woman's Overseas Hospitals" - introduction by Mrs. E.L. [Jessie Leigh] Hutchinson.

Wednesday morning, January 7, 1920
Ball Room, Phoenix Hotel
Convention Meeting, including greetings from the Kentucky Federation of Women's Clubs (Mrs. Lafon Riker), the Kentucky Daughters of the American Revolution (Mrs. Sam J. Shackelford), the Kentucky Woman's Christian Temperance Union (Mrs. Frances E. Beauchamp).

Wednesday afternoon, 2 p.m.
Ball Room, Phoenix Hotel
Continuation of convention meeting, including a speech in memory of Dr. Anna Howard Shaw by Mrs. James A. [Caroline Apperson] Leech, reports from presidents of the local suffrage leagues and committees, and a report of International Conference of Women Physicians by Mrs. Clarence L. Williamson, Kentucky Member Social Hygiene Committee of the League of Women Voters.

4-6 p.m. Reception at Ashland for Mrs. Pankhurst, hosted by Mrs. Frank L. [Frances Jewell] McVey, President Fayette Equal Rights Association, and Mrs. Elizabeth Searles Spauton, Chair reception committee.

Wednesday evening, January 7, 1920
Lexington Opera House, 8:00 p.m.
Music, Orchestra of Kentucky University
Mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst, "Civilization in Danger: How Women Can Help to Save It." Introduction by Dean Robert K. Massie.

Thursday morning, January 8, 1920
Ball Room, Phoenix Hotel, 10:00 a.m.
Morning session (if needed) and Board Meeting